Dylan Fast - CEO Fast Air

Head Office & Passenger Terminal

Fast Air Ltd.
80 Hangar Line Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R3J 3Y7

telephone: 204.982.7240 (24 Hours)
fax: 204.783.2483
toll-free: 1.888.372.3780 (24 Hours)
email: info@flyfastair.com
web: www.flyfastair.com

Dylan Fast – CEO of Fast Air


Dylan Fast - CEO of Fast Air

Dylan Fast – CEO of Fast Air

Dylan Fast is known as an innovator and entrepreneur in the Manitoba business community. Aviation has been part of Dylan Fast’s family for two generations and is a passion that inspires him to continually improve the experience of Fast Air. Beginning his career as a Commercial Pilot, it soon became apparent there was a need to establish an air service to suit the growing needs of the business community and government services of Manitoba and beyond. Dylan Fast began a lean operation in 1995 and has successfully grown it to be the largest fleet of business aircraft in Manitoba with over 80 employees. Dylan Fast continues to enjoy flying, leading in business and spending time with his family.